Break Room Services

The advisors at MHK believe in education for our clients and for their employees. Our goal is to meet with each employee individually, ensuring they understand the value of the retirement plan.

We provide one-on-one guidance and education to help employees develop a strategy to pursue their retirement goals. We then help your employees implement their chosen strategy and reevaluate at subsequent one-on-one meetings. For most employees, we are able to accomplish all of this in a 20-minute session.

However, should an employee wish to engage MHK through a separate agreement to conduct a more in-depth financial plan, we will do so at a time and place convenient for them — without disrupting valuable work time.

Our Break Room Services Include:

  • Group educational meetings tailored to beginner, intermediate and advanced participants
  • Individual, one-on-one educational meetings with an advisor
  • Onsite, immediate retirement strategy implementation
  • Loan and hardship withdrawal assistance
  • Targeted education solutions
  • Retirement income projections
  • Telephone and online tutorials
  • Distribution assistance
  • Participant report card
  • Staffed toll-free participant hotline
  • Standard of (k)are
  • Regularly scheduled lunch-time webinars

What Sets Us Apart?

Standard of (K)are

Our Standard of (K)are system is an integral part of the MHK education process. The system allows for consistency of education and guidance, regardless of which of our advisors consults with the employee.

Our proprietary process allows employees to gain insight into their potential retirement outcome during a one-on-one consultation, through illustrations based on current and suggested deferral amounts, investment allocation and retirement age. By documenting participant meetings, the conversation can be re-started at any time, no matter which of our advisors is available at subsequent meetings.

Participant Hotline

Your participants may have questions about their plan. Our toll-free participant hotline is staffed with a live person to answer questions during normal business hours, removing the burden from your HR department.

Terminated Participant Maintenance

Our Terminated Participant Maintenance program allows us to effectively track and maintain terminated participant accounts, automatically paying out or rolling over small balances as permitted.

Through this program, we help save money and time for the employer, seeking to minimize ongoing costs and fiduciary liability associated with terminated participant accounts.

The proven results of these innovations may include higher participation, higher average employee deferrals, and improved asset allocations. All of this is aimed at improving retirement outcomes for your employees.