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Your employer has taken the first step of providing you with a retirement plan to help you meet your future goals. While this provides the foundation for saving for retirement, what does it all mean?

MHK Retirement Partners takes a different approach to helping you understand your true retirement readiness. By engaging through Standard of (k)are™, we are able to provide you with a hypothetical analysis of how long savings are expected to last as supplement to your income needs. Through this unique process we help savers understand:

  • Terms such as vesting, mutual funds, eligibility, loans, etc.
  • Risk tolerance
  • Current and future budget needs
  • How to invest according to risk tolerance
  • What a company match means to your longevity in retirement savings
  • How the 401k plan works and the cost and fees associated
  • What options are available when separated from service

Take the next step by meeting with one of our licensed, independent financial professionals to help guide and prepare you. Attend one of our educational group meetings or meet individually with an advisor to talk about your specific situation and your retirement goals.

Our individual meetings are held either at your work site or virtually from our office. We discuss how much risk you are comfortable taking on, walk you through the different investment options that are available to you and how all the different pieces of your financial life fit together. We help you develop a sound strategy, implement it and reevaluate that strategy during subsequent meetings.

The outcome is a clear picture of your Retirement Readiness, so you can prepare now for a successful retirement later.

Our financial professionals are also available to answer questions you may have on your employer’s retirement plan, can help you with plan enrollment, or assist you in consolidating your retirement accounts.

Take the next step in discovering your Retirement Readiness.

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MHK also provides personal retirement income planning services. Through strategic partnerships we are able to provide our clients with independent research, superior technology, quality investment tools, and the exceptional support that allows us to devote our full attention to your needs and objectives.

We pride ourselves on our proactive service model. With our dedicated Wealth Management Team, your financial well-being becomes our priority.

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